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Building Your Business

The most obvious fact from working in any franchise is that you should spend less and less time on the least productive areas of your business. We all know, no matter how tedious, these tasks must be done even though you probably want to spend more time actually advising. As we have mentioned earlier, since you are an adviser and not an administrator or data processor, it seems logical that you should concentrate on what you do best and ultimately what you need to do most.

We think that you could increase your earnings capabilities quite significantly with us. What you will also be doing though is building up the underlying value in your business. This will have maximum benefit when you are ready to retire.

Equally more so, because you are building your company under a branded name (and a franchise at that) you will find it easier to sell when you reach retirement. This too will get you a better price for it. Statistically, you should look to get as much as four times more for a franchised business than a non-franchised one. This is purely because buyers do not know what to expect from a non-franchised business.

A franchise gives a business a proven structure to work under, to give a better chance of leading that business to success. At the end of the day though, the franchise proposal merely gives guidelines on how we think you should operate your business. The final decision rests with you - it is your business after all.

We put you in a position to build your business as opposed to only earning a living.


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