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You have probably thought many times that you would like to give your clients a better service. But, since you only have one pair of hands, what can you do? With Money Advice & Planning, you categorise your clients as being either Gold, Silver or Bronze based on the level of service you want to give them:

  • Gold clients receive a financial review every year;
  • Silver clients receive a financial review every two or three years - the choice is yours; and
  • Bronze clients do not warrant a financial review as they would most likely only have a mortgage or have asked previously not to receive any company literature.

By categorising your clients, we allow you to focus your attention on where it is needed and deserved the most. This then means that all of your clients are looked after appropriately, and even for those who do not receive a financial review, their details are maintained on our system and would appear on your monthly Client Maintenance Report (CMR). This ensures clients are kept happy whilst also following the principles of the FSA's Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) idea.

Money Advice & Planning regularly reviews client affairs, such that you can tell them when something needs changed for their benefit - from a re-mortgage to a fund switch within a pension or investment.

On a monthly basis we give you a list of the various items which need to be attended to for all of your clients (this also acts to give you new business from them); called a Client Maintenance Report (CMR). More information can be found in the Downloads section.

On a quarterly basis we supply you with a list of recommended funds, so that you know where best to invest clients' money and can make fund switches to existing clients' policies if necessary.

On an annual basis we collect current values for all of your Gold and Silver clients' policies and use them to create and send out a Financial Review which you can follow up on with any advice and recommendations you see fit. More information on the Financial Review can also be found in the Downloads section.


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