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The Client Maintenance Report (CMR)

As has been mentioned, the CMR is produced each and every month for advisers to work through. For every client or policy shown in each subsection, there is a review date which can be entered. This ensures that each and every client and their policy/ies can be reviewed regularly and when their adviser has the time to do so properly.

Advisers can look through each subsection and review the outstanding cases as and when they are free, before passing it back to their administrator in Head Office to update the system or extract other information for a more thorough review to be undertaken.

This system allows advisers to keep on top of their clients and their needs. It also keeps advisers away from doing boring and time-consuming administration work such as browsing records or searching through client files.

Clicking on the following links will take you to a description of each subsection within the CMR. This should show you the importance of it in financial services today:

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