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There are various downloads here (Adobe Acrobat required to view) so that you can gauge for yourself what we have to offer. These will help to show you the commitment we have to our clients and the potential business we can unearth.

Franchising Newsletter

Our franchising newsletter should provide you with a more in-depth source of information about the Money Aspects franchise. And in conjunction with this web site, it should give you enough information to decide on whether or not you want to take things further and arrange a meeting with us. Click here for a copy of our newsletter.

Client Financial Review

As mentioned in the 'Your Clients' section, the client financial review is something done once a year for gold clients and once every 2-3 years for silver clients. This polished document is sent to show them the state of their finances at that time. It can also be a powerful selling tool as it can show clients they need to increase their cover, move their investments, etc. Click here for a client financial review newsletter.

Pensions Guesstimate

Another service we provide our clients with is a document which forecasts their pensions in order to let them see how their retirement planning is going. This is very useful for clients as it shows them what they can expect to retire on using values gathered at that time. It too can be a selling tool if it shows that someone has not got enough money saved for retirement. Click here for a sample pensions guesstimate.

Client Maintenance Report

At the heart of our company's success in finding new business and keeping clients happy is our CMR. This report is given to an IFA every month and shows them policies or client situations which need to be reviewed. It is made up of numerous reports and is a tremendous source of business. Click here for more information.


BFA - The British Franchise Association
A member of the British Franchise Association.