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Do You Want A Job Or A Future?

If you merely want a job as an Independent Financial Adviser, there are plenty of places which will hire you, solely because you have the necessary CFP or equivalent qualifications. However, if you want to build something for yourself but are afraid perhaps to jump into the big world out there, then why not do both through our franchise route.

We are not guaranteeing you success - no-one can - but we will take away all of the obstacles that can keep you from advising your clients in a professional manner and from giving them the service that they need and you really want to provide.

We do not have a magic wand, but what we do have in place are systems and processes that will allow you to give quality advice almost immediately, and allow you to punch well above your weight. We will help you with all of the administration and back-up services thus allowing you to shine and develop into the quality, professional financial adviser that you always thought you were.

Therefore, if you are ambitious and have an excellent client service ethic, why not make life easier for yourself by speaking to us? Instead of starting an IFA business by yourself, joining Money Advice & Planning will give you a proven business structure to work within so that you can create a nest egg for yourself and not just for your clients.


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