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You - The IFA

Your time is a valuable commodity, and once spent, it is gone. When you are sitting at your desk, you are not earning and therefore become an expensive overhead. Our focus is to give you a far better use of your time.

We aim to provide franchisees with the chance to spend close to 85% of their time in front of clients, advising; because they are advisers and not administrators.

The Money Advice & Planning franchise has many benefits:

  • We do all of your administration - checking applications and sending them away, pushing policies through to completion and chasing commission;
  • We complete applications for term policies and mortgages, meaning all you have to do is advise a client;
  • We do almost all of your compliance, leaving you with the simple task of completing suitability reports for business written;
  • Our IT help desk is available to help you with any queries you may have, or provide you with any training needs you may require;
  • We pay for all of your FSA fees;
  • We pay for your Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance; and
  • We research what marketing needs you have and help you to get campaigns underway.

We can also cater for those who have clients with specialist situations:

  • Pension Transfers - we have an authorised pension transfer specialist who can help you with those tricky cases; and
  • IHT Planning - we have a qualified accountant who is an ex-Inland Revenue employee that can help you with planning for a person's future and can create fully customised reports on demand.

All of this then allows you the opportunity of maximising your client bank and the opportunities awaiting you.


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