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Our approach to investments (as well as savings and pensions of course) has evolved over the past 18 months. What we use today gives clients a very high degree of satisfaction.

We very rarely use Managed Funds from any of the providers, so instead prefer to use the MultiFund approach which some providers have. This spreads the risk of a policy quite considerably and instead of using one fund, we use a selection of them based on the clients attitude to risk. We define a clients' attitude to risk during fact-finding, in relation to the following five different categories:

  1. No risk but low growth, e.g. banks and building societies;
  2. Little risk and slightly better growth, e.g. fixed interest and corporate bonds;
  3. Medium risk, e.g. stocks and shares;
  4. High risk - specialised stock market investments; and
  5. Very high risk - volatile areas where growth could be very high.

By using the MultiFund approach, we are able to place investments for clients according to their risk preferences. On top of that, we then monitor those funds which we have picked on a quarterly basis.

Your clients' funds could therefore be changed every quarter of every year, free of charge. This would ensure that their money would always be in the better performing areas. This gives clients a high degree of comfort and could be the gateway to more business in the future.

We also look at deviances of more than 5% from a client's chosen risk category and make changes as necessary. This keeps them within their specified risk band, according to their wishes.


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